Farsight Villas & Hotels Management is a next-generation property management company with extensive experience in worldwide market. There are 200+ premium class properties under our management. Having been in the business for more than 13 years, we know all the main secrets of successful marketing and management of the real estate. Our company has built seven turnkey properties, from finding land to a complete construction of the villas and renting them out. Our goal is to increase the owners' revenues and let them spend less time, energy and efforts. 



Farsight premises is that hospitality business owners should have easy access to professional multi-channel marketing, smart pricing, CRM and revenue management in a one-stop simple solution.

Our mission

To maximize income
To free up property owner's time



Our main asset at Farsight Management is our employees.
Our team members live in different parts of the world. 
All of us are of different nationalities

At Farsight Management you will find a close-knit, fun and active client-oriented team. We break stereotypes. We are looking for employees who have a drive to succeed, a desire to learn and grow, and a desire to help our clients earn more.

  • Victor Plotnikov
    Victor Plotnikov CEO, founder of the project
  • Roman Golubkov
    Roman Golubkov CTO, co-founder
  • Evgenii Lomonosov
    Evgenii Lomonosov VP Eng, co-founder
  • Andrey Bolshakov
    Andrey Bolshakov Chief Marketing & Promotion strategy
  • Ekaterina Mishina
    Ekaterina Mishina Chief accountant, CFO
  • Daria Petrova-Belenko
    Daria Petrova-Belenko Chief of FMO
  • Jane Galagan
    Jane Galagan Chief of Customer Support
  • Ekaterina Piakhna
    Ekaterina Piakhna Chief of Revenue Department
  • Olesya Dizer
    Olesya Dizer Chief of Content Management Department

Welcome to the team

The vacancies that we have now are open.

What are your main responsibilities for marketing rental property management?

we manage the property’s entire online and offline presence by connecting it to 1000+ travel agents, 50+ online booking systems and many local & global management companies. the property will also be listed on book.farsight24.com, social media and direct guest database. having access to big data and ai, we develop smart tariff plans applied for each day for a year ahead. While providing the seaside property management, we take control over the property’s calendar and ensure it is updated on all online listings. you will have access to your personal dashboard with the necessary information to all bookings, expected payouts, financial forecast, and up-to-date calendar. Providing expert rentals and property management services our reservation department will take care of each booking, answer necessary questions prior to booking, and provide them with details of their reservation. we constantly contact you or your property manager and provide full information concerning the upcoming  bookings. we always handle deposit payments from the guests. our reputation department takes care for rates, reputation and reviews for your property.

What is your COVID-19 response for property owners?

We use our advantages to adapt to new norms and trends during COVID-19. Our marketing department, with access to innovative technologies and market analysis, developed a new COVID-19 strategy for the properties under our management. It will be extremely beneficial for your property in terms of new market reality. Read our full approach at https://farsight24.com


Are there any additional setup payments?

There are no setup payments required. However, we recommend you to prepare your property correctly for effective marketing before we list it with booking systems and travel agencies. You need professional photographs to make the property look beautiful, evoke emotions and desire to stay there.

Besides, it is necessary to make several bookings and create the first ratings to receive first real bookings quickly. If you are interested in such preparation, we will gladly carry it out for you, and we will take the costs from the first bookings.


What are your main responsibilities for full management?

Full management includes all responsibilities for marketing management service (please see above) and additionally we:

  • hire, train & supervise staff. hospitality professionals are trained to serve first and foremost to create a memorable experience for each and every guest. great service is the cornerstone of this industry and the measure of your success.
  • implement & monitor the highest hospitality quality standards. we train and monitor the work of the staff, introduce hospitality quality standards of the guests relations and services at property and monitor their implementation, maintain the materials and technical condition of the property at a high level. it increases excellence & profit.
  • maintain the technical condition of your property. 
  • prepare pnl, tax reports and other real estate paperwork. you will also have an additional tab in your personal dashboard with detailed expenses report each month.
  • covid-19 new hospitality standards. we develop and place the new norm regulation for your property.

Do you have an office?

We are a legally registered company in Indonesia and Vietnam. We have a large team and different departments located across the globe who work remotely. It gives us many advantages. One of them is that our departments can synchronize and work continuously every day, because of different time zones.

Are employees who work at the properties, qualified?

The high quality of all our employees is our priority. We conduct training in standards of hospitality, quality of service and maintenance of the technical condition of the owners’ properties.