• Smart tariffs

    Smart tariffs

    Use of innovative pricing policy: creation and maintenance of daily forecasted tariffs acting simultaneously in all systems. This increases the yield by 12-18%.


  • High ratings

    High ratings

    A dedicated department deals with reputation, ratings and reviews. Higher ratings increase online views and influence booking decisions. This translates into an 11% increase in profits.

  • Wide market coverage

    Wide market coverage

    We connect real estate to over 1000+ travel agencies, 50+ online booking systems and numerous property management companies around the world, which allows increasing tariffs by an average of 15%, which increases profits.

Turnkey services for builders

Did you know that after the construction is completed, construction companies have the opportunity to get additional benefits?

One of the ways to earn extra money for a construction company is to open your own management company.

This process can be quite difficult in the frame of time span, managing employees, logistics, and other processes that the work needs.  To make it easy and smooth, we provide you with taking full management of marketing strategy and full control of the emission, reducing time costs, and increasing your profit.

You are companies that do all the construction work, but would like to benefit from real estate.

How can we work together?

We can offer you good terms of cooperation, where you present yourself as a management company, but you outsource the entire management process to us, and you get a percentage of the income from each object.

You get more income from the built object even after it has been completed. When your client wants to rent out his property, you recommend us and get a percentage from it.

We can calculate the net worth of your property and make it more valuable so that the client can benefit from it in the future, and it can be easier for you to sell this property.

We reduce your time and financial expenses and increase your income.  Also, you will have access to all statistics, we provide you with transparent analytics in your personal account, and you can see all cash flows.

Recommend us and increase your profit!

For more information, please, contact us or send an inquiry and we will get back to you.

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  • Marketing Distribution
  • Develop & apply Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media & PR tools
  • 24/7 Top Quality Guest Service
  • Dashboard & Real-time financial report
  • Availability Calendar updated in real-time
  • Prevent Negative  Reviews organically


  • Hire, Train & Supervise staff
  • Implement & Monitor the Highest Hospitality Quality Standards
  • Maintain the Technical Condition of Your Property
  • Prepare Tax Reports and Other Real Estate Paperwork
  • Dashboard & Real-Time Financial Report
  • Develop & Apply Marketing Strategy
  • Prevent Negative  Reviews organically

Our customers’ success stories

Look at the stories and results of our clients with whom we work

  • Canggu owner hit 80% occupancy level and $112,824 in rental margin

    Canggu owner hit 80% occupancy level and $112,824 in rental margin

    Creating a family business is not an easy decision that requires thoughtful preparation. Discussing options for earning further income, Colin and Janice Miller came to decision to make a profit from their old house. A good example of the beach property management and business plan was their neighbor, whose villa constantly showed the constant influx of visitors who rented it for vacatio…

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  • Overcome challenge: to perfect the managing proprietary property system

    Overcome challenge: to perfect the managing proprietary property system

    Location: Bukit Beach area

    Result info: 85% occupancy level 

    Result rental margin: $8800

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  • Result info: 84% occupancy level

    Result info: 84% occupancy level

    Location: Nusa Dua

    Result rental margin: $146 100



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  • Ubud. New story

    Ubud. New story

    Location: Ubud

    Result info: 83% occupancy level


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  • Happy owners of the beautiful luxe class villa

    Happy owners of the beautiful luxe class villa

    Location: Kerobokan

    Result info: 85% average occupancy 


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