Success stories

Renting real estate is a good business, but not all owners are sure that they will earn good money. We have prepared success stories of our clients, who told us about their experience of renting real estate and what results they received.

  • Canggu owner hit 80% occupancy level and $112,824 in rental margin

    Canggu owner hit 80% occupancy level and $112,824 in rental margin

    Creating a family business is not an easy decision that requires thoughtful preparation. Discussing options for earning further income, Colin and Janice Miller came to decision to make a profit from their old house. A good example of this business plan was their neighbor, whose villa constantly showed the constant influx of visitors who rented it for vacations. Seemed the district has great potential for renting!

    The only problem was that Colin and Janice did not have enough time to deal with the rental business on their own. Solution would be to hire a manager to handle it, but local agencies offered a 30% fee for reservation services, which even in the absence of experience looked like overpayment.

    But they found a better option! They found Farsight Management.


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