Reviews from owners of properties

  • Jutta

    Prompt resolution of any issues

  • Oleg

    Always loading the villa at 95%

  • Ulrich

    Professionals with extensive experience

Reviews from owners of properties
  • Hello! My name is Felix, I am an entrepreneur

    I own 3 hotels (Bubble Hotel) and I used to be personally engaged in their full management. At that time, I had little experience and I had to study everything on my own, which influenced the speed of business development and the result. Of course there were some difficulties and this work took much time. Therefore, I decided to find a company that could solve current problems.

    My friends recommended me to contact Farsight Management, as they had already worked with them and they had a good result. First, I transfered one hotel (Bubble Hotel Ubud) into their management. Initially, the occupancy of this property was 63%. After a year of working with Farsight Management, the occupancy of this property grew to 84%. They undertook the marketing management of the hotel and thereby relieved me of many time-consuming tasks. 

    After successful work during a year, I decided to transfer two more hotels into the management, as they also took my time, which I needed for myself, my family and other projects. And I understood that with Farsight Management, these hotels would make more profit under their management with less effort.

    I thank Farsight Management for their excellent work, high-quality service and quick and efficient resolution of any arising issues. I recommend Farsight Management to all real estate owners who want to save their time and get more income.

  • I had a villa, which I marketed myself and I dealt with all current management issues on my own. Apparently, such involvement in the process took a lot of precious time, which I had so little.

    Two months later, I realized that I needed to delegate the marketing and management of the villa, otherwise I wouldn’t have enough time for other projects. Therefore, I began to look for reliable partners with whom I could collaborate for a long time.

    After analyzing the market, I began cooperation with Farsight Management, as they have excellent reputation, high-quality service and a professional team.

    One property has been in the management of Farsight Management for 1.5 years. During this time, revenue grew by 21%, I had more free time and I started to get pleasure from renting my property. Then I sold this property, and the new owner continued to work with Farsight Management. Then I bought two more villas and of course I decided to transfer these properties to Farsight Management. We are just starting to work with the new properties.

    I thank the Farsight Management team for their professional approach to work. The managers of the company are always in touch with me and with the property tenants, which is very important in this business. All issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

    I recommend cooperation with Farsight Management to all villa owners who do not want to spend their time managing real estate, but at the same time want to earn more from each property.

  • I have been working with Farsight Management for 3 years.

    I transferred one property into their management. Before, my villa occupancy was 47% and just 4 months later it grew to 72%. As a result, the revenue almost doubled. It’s all thanks to the dynamic pricing system that Farsight Management has. And of course thanks to the high-quality service provided by the company. Thank you for your cooperation and high-quality work.

    The entire Farsight Management team are professionals who quickly solve problems. It’s comfortable and pleasant to work with them! I recommend the company to all owners who like to relax while their property brings money.

  • We bought a villa for living in Bali and didn’t plan to rent it out since we spend most of our time on the island. However, a year later the situation changed and my family moved to another country. However, we can return to Bali for two or three months.

    At first we wanted to sell the villa, but it turned out to be very unprofitable. Therefore, we decided to try to rent it out. We had neither time nor desire to deal with this issue, so we immediately looked for a company that could do this and take full control of the property.

    Frankly speaking, we made our choice very quickly because there are very few worthy property management companies with extensive experience in the market. We are very happy that we chose Farsight Management because now we have solved the problem with the villa and we can come there for a couple of months, and the rest of the time it brings money.

    I thank the whole team and personally the manager Marina for the excellent service and assistance in resolving any issues.

  • I’ve bought a villa specifically for renting it out and making money. Of course, at first I decided to check things out as I like to do this for all my businesses.

    Everything seemed easy: place an ad, meet a guest, accommodate him, see him off, receive the money and then repeat all those actions again. But in reality, everything turned out to be more complicated. Firstly, listing a villa to a booking system is not so easy and it is time-consuming. Secondly, constant calls and questions from guests, who have not yet arrived, take a lot of time. Thirdly, during the stay of guests in the villa, different things can happen - a pipe burst, a power outage, the equipment damage and many more issues which I dealt with personally. Moreover, talking to guests might also be rather challenging. At times, it seemed to me that I was talking to children, although there were adults in front of me.

    In the end, I decided to transfer the management of my villa to a property management company. After speaking to my friends, I contacted Farsight Management. It’s a miracle, they freed me from all the problems! Now I have more free time without losing the quality of service and income. Thanks for your work!

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