5 simple steps to earn more during the high season

Let's review how simply to increase an income during the high season. 

  1. Price planning in advance 

Most people, especially with children or big companies, prefer the early booking. It's just comforting for guests to know that they have a good planned vacation, the tickets on hand and the place reserved. So, taking it into account, plan your price calendar and provide the booking sites with that information six months or so before supposed booking dates. 

  1. High season events' calendar

Study the world's holiday calendar to know the most popular celebrated guests' events. For example, the period of Chinese New Year is quite popular for bookings. Knowing similar events' dates, you can form the best offers for people, taking into account their possible needs. 

  1. Minimum stay-requirement

Knowing the seasonal most popular weeks, set the minimum stay-requirement for those days. This option brings more income and minimizes the costs of cleaning services. The most comfortable variant of such minimum requirement fluctuates from 5 or 7 days — the optimal common living duration for  visiting the country. 

  1. Forming right prices 

Think of the right prices to charge for stays, taking into account all guests needs and pricing all services you need to use for management. Setting a law price you lose outfit profits, and charging inflated prices — risk having an unoccupied place. Figure out prices, including holiday calendar, seasonality, availability and competitive capacity. 

  1. Feedback value

Remember to ask your guests to live their feedback. You can even give them freebies for detailed reviews (for example, a free coffee cup coupon). This will help to form a real and good property representation for future guests. 


Following these easy 5 steps will provide the memorable guests experience and level the property occupancy up.For more information about rental management business read our professional blog

If you don't have enough time for property management by yourselves or feel the lack of management knowledge, please, contact us! We are always ready to help you with all property management processes and host business. 


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