Balinese athmosphere as an art

Creating a stylish interior in a villa is only a small part of success. Adding coziness to the villa is an art. Bali is an island of creative people. The whole culture is saturated with creativity and creation.The spirit of Balinese culture is reflected in the architecture and home interiors that you can embody in your villa to further enhance the magical atmosphere of your guests' stay on the island.

1. Naturalness of materials and light color of the walls

The interiors are most often dominated by light finishing materials. The challenge for modern interiors is to get rid of the boundaries of space as much as possible. Therefore, in the architecture of villas, glazing is often preferred to walls: this is how the view outside the window becomes the main accent in the interior. An interesting idea is a living room on the terrace, which is possible due to the tropical climate. The most important thing is the surrounding nature and the emphasis on natural materials. Modern interiors focus on nature outside the window or on decorative elements in accordance with the style of an island.

2. Wall decoration - panels with oriental motives

Very often in hotels and villas they use a panel on the wall made of the same stone as the decoration of the wall itself. Reliefs with the nature of the island or religious motives - this is what just conveys a piece of culture. Remember that light walls look best in the interior, due to which the room looks fresher and filled with air. You can highlight one wall with wallpaper with a natural pattern, or make it completely "green" with a wall of plants, a popular interior solution for those who appreciate nature not only outside the window, but also inside their home.

3. Rattan, teak and soir furniture

One of the most spectacular things in Bali's interiors is wood. The most popular wood species on the island are teak and soir. Both are distinguished by an interesting texture and structure. The advantage of teak is that it can be used in bathrooms and wet rooms. Teak also has picturesque root cuts, which are often prominent elements in Balinese interiors.

4. Decorative pillows with a marine theme

Textiles and prints on textiles in the interiors of the island look best with sea motives and wave stylizations. It can also be geometric ornaments in shades of the environment. However, it is important not to overdo it with details - if you have chosen an abundance of decorations, intricate chandeliers and stylized walls as the highlight of your villa style, it is best to stay on pillows in the color of curtains or bright monochrome ones.

5. Decor - figurines, art objects of Indonesian motives

The choice of decor must be approached carefully. You can use paintings with Indonesian motives, choose an interesting statuette made of flowing metal. Typically, contemporary interiors on the island also feature minimalist and contemporary décor, but with local cultural influences. These can be, for example, colored statues of Buddha, made in a modern way. It is important not to turn the interior completely ethnic, with a huge amount of traditional Indonesia.

6. Pendant lights - copper shades with embossed design

There is no mass production of lamps in Bali. Most often lamps are being made by local artisans. Therefore, copper lamps of famous design are very popular there. For example, the iconic Dixon lamp, which is copied in any size all over the world. Another suitable option is volumetric floor lamps with a paper shade. To illuminate the terrace, you can use laconic solar-powered garlands with a minimalist design. For home use you can find scented coconut wax candles as well as incense - sandalwood and lemongrass are in great demand.

7. Natural fabrics in textiles

For curtains, carpets, upholstery of sofas, natural fabrics of neutral shades are best suited: you can use linen or cotton. Most often, in Balinese interiors, the curtains are straight and do not have any prints and complex textures, since they should not draw attention to themselves and distract from the view from the window. 

Balinese people follow their ancient traditions and pass on their skills from generation to generation. Therefore, you can find the most unusual decor among the locals. From it, European masters of design and architecture are already designing modern interiors, using the talents of the locals and the beauty of the surrounding island. It is likely that this is how this "modern Balinese style" appeared in the interiors of the island, and you can use all its advantages so that your villa complements the specifics of the tropical island in the best way.

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