Big events — big income

Knowing the worldwide and local calendar events, you can significantly increase your usual property income. And our tips below can help you to get more from your rental business. 

  • Learn thoroughly the local area events and culture 

Learn the local holidays and cultural peculiarities of your rental territory from various sources (tourism and business groups, outlets, ticketing sites, posters, guides, etc.). Quite often people are interested in local culture and try to visit aboriginal or indigenous activities and celebrations. Knowing this info, you can raise the prices during the local events' periods. 

  • Explore the worldwide calendar and plan ahead 

People like to spend great holidays' time traveling and renting homes somewhere far away from their jobs and workaday life. That's why, knowing the worldwide holidays' calendar, you can foresee the approximate days of high occupancy, opening the early booking, make the night stay price higher, and offer competitive pricing.

  • Change the minimum stay requirements 

If your minimum stay is a week, decrease it for the events period, for example, to a three-day period. It's an ideal option for different conferences and business' events. People need just a couple of days to stay, meanwhile spending free time with pleasure and comfort, living at villas. Minimizing the stay term will increase the occupancy level and fill the booking gaps. 

  • Social media awareness

Not all people are informed about all upcoming interesting events. Try to inform your potential guests well in your rental social groups about all significant dates (local and worldwide). You can even form a special calendar category of publications with tags in your blogs on this topic. This approach especially helps well to work with the type of returning guests. 

  • More comfort — more income

If you'd like to level up your earnings, offer different quality kinds of services: from traditional holidays' meals, additional comfort items and amenities to personal auto or transfer during the event's dates. The more you can give, the more income you can get from your rental business. 

Be attentive to the guests' feedback and needs, creating a profitable event pricing. 

For more information you can visit our professional blog. And if you don't have enough time or knowledge for a property management organization, you can always contact us! We are 24/7 ready to help you with all rental business processes. 


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