Creating an effortless check-in for guests

Let's explore what exactly makes any check-in process effortless, highlighting 5 main items that should be done. 

  • Communication In Advance 

Clearly explain how guests can get to your property and provide contact details for any assistance they may need in the initial dialogues with your guests after the booking confirmation.

  • Clear Details 

Provide detailed instructions to your guests. Include important information such as: the property address and any emergency addresses, any necessary directions and local map with points marked, all parking details and correct access codes and smart locks’ guide or key location if required. 

  • Self Check-in Options

One way to simplify the check-in process is to offer self-check-in options. This allows guests to access your space at their convenience, without relying on specific arrival times. Some popular self-check-in methods include key lock boxes, smart locks with personalised codes, or a keypad entry system. Make sure you test these systems before each guest arrives to avoid any technical problems.

  • Welcome Guide 

Create a welcome guide that provides detailed information about your property and its amenities. Include instructions on how to operate appliances, connect to Wi-Fi, adjust the coffee machine and use any other features available to your guests. This guide will help familiarise guests with the property and make their stay more enjoyable. Consider providing local recommendations for restaurants, attractions and nearby services to enhance their experience.

  • Personalised Touch 

Even if you are not physically present during the check-in process, you can still add personal touches to make your guests feel welcome. Consider leaving a handwritten note, a basket of snacks, fresh flowers or a small welcome gift. These thoughtful gestures can go a long way towards creating a positive first impression and setting the tone for their stay.

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your guests have a seamless check-in experience. Remember, a smooth check-in experience sets the stage for a memorable stay, promotes positive reviews and encourages return visits.

For more information read our related articles. And if you need any assistance with the property management or marketing, don't hesitate to contact us! We are always ready to help you with all property questions. 


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