Creating a favorable outdoor living space

A well-designed outdoor living space can add comfort, style and charm to your property. Here are some tips for creating the perfect outdoor living space. 

1. Consider the climate

Take into account the climate and be ready for all seasons. Ensure that the outdoor space has adequate shade for hot summer days or protection from rain and wind during the cooler months.

2. Keep hygiene in mind

An attractive outdoor space doesn't just mean comfort and beauty. It also includes cleanliness. Regular cleaning of the outdoor space must be factored into your maintenance plan.

3. Safety first

Ensure that you invest in sturdy, durable outdoor furniture and operate fireplaces and grills sensitively. Check regularly all amenities and techniques you use outside. 

4. Choosing the right furniture

Select furniture that is both fashionable and functional. Let it be comfortable and stylish.

5. Add colors and textures

Add colors and textures, creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes guests want to stay longer. Add bright pillows, blankets or rugs to give the area a cozy feel.

6. Native plants' decorating 

Native plants add natural beauty to your rental property while local types of greenery make an excellent talking point around a bonfire or by the evening cup of hot chocolate.

7. Add warm and cozy lighting

Ensure your outdoor space is well-lit by adding outdoor lighting. From string lights to lanterns and even candles, lighting can create a magical effect, making the area inviting throughout the day.

8. Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining enhances the guests’ experience. Think about porcelain that can withstand being dropped. Then your guests can relax and enjoy their meals by the pool, on the patio or under a tree without fear. 

9. Accompanying entertainment

A great way to increase guest satisfaction with your outdoor living space is by adding accompanying entertainment things, such as hammocks, a small fountain, BBQ or grill zone, pool or hot tub. 

10. Add cozy accents

Adding cozy accents, such as cushions and throws, author's furniture, sculptures and other details can make guests feel more relaxed and comfortable while enjoying time outside. 

Follow our tips to create an inviting and accessible outdoor living space that will charm and relax your guests. 

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