Getting rid of trash: tips for owners

One of the most satisfying feelings for home owners is to have a clutter-free place. But the process of the home cleaning itself sounds like a hassle. We have some tips for this case. Following these mentioned easy steps below, your property will always be clean and neat looking. 

  1. Recycling green days

Choose and mark the special days (1-3) in green on your calendar for gathering and sorting out the garbage. Monthly on these green days prepare all your trash for further recycling services. Then take collected trash packages to the nearest recycling point. That's not only the case for tidiness, but also a great eco-friendly help for the nature around. 

  1. Get rid of the previous guests' clothes and other things

Quite often we can find some left wearable clothes or accessories from the previous guests. They're needless for your next visitors and should be removed, unless, for example, it is not an umbrella or an air mattress that the guests did not want to take away and which could be useful in the future for other guests too. In this case save what can be used and is in good condition and take away what can't be or looks broken. You can even donate all unnecessary stuff to those who are really in need. This way you clean your home space for a good cause. 

  1. Inspecting items value

Make a great things' revision and reevaluate all items you have indoors every month. What's useful? What's emotionally valuable for you? What's unessential and unimportant? You'll be amazed how many items around outlived their time! 

  1. The 5-things rule 

After following the previous tip and getting done with inspecting items, choose 5 the most excess things and get rid of them by selling online or gifting for somebody. Try to find a second life for them, before throwing them away. Do it also monthly. 

  1. The everyday 5-minute sort out and light cleaning 

Give your home just 5 minutes a day to clean some chosen space (everyday the new one) and sort out things there. Following strictly this rule will bring your home to the perfect order and neatness. You'll definitely thank yourself later. 

Make all steps written above and say goodbye to the trash cases and home clatter, greeting your clean and spacious place. 

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And if even after our tips the cleaning theme makes you sad, remember, you can always hire the professionals. Our property management staff are also glad to be of service. Contact us and we help you with all trash questions and home cleaning. 


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