Good reviews is the key to success

Positive guests' opinion builds trust and helps hosts to create quality rental business. 

To get the 5 star reviews expectations must coincide with reality.

Follow our tips below to form a reliable business reputation and win a good name. 

  • Quick responses 

Often the positive experience from communication with hosts begins to form before the arrival. Respond to guests' messages in time without any delay. For people that means you, as a host, are a really reliable person. 

  • Real photos and accurate description

All photos, which are presented to your guests, must be real and precisely show all the space details. All this helps people to determine if your property is what they search for. 

  • Exact location

Specify the real location, describing your property. Often guests need to explore the map in advance to learn the territory and a proper infrastructure, before booking. People can confirm in reviews if the location corresponds to the designated coordinates.

  • Comfortable check-ins 

Take into account all guests' wishes about check-in, because the first opinion from vacation starts from the check-in process. That's why it must be as clear and easy as possible for arriving people. 

  • Make joyful moments 

Make a great first impression from the very arrival and leave a small check-in gift: coffee for coffee connoisseurs, local souvenirs, useful guides and other pleasant things. Don't forget about the greeting card. 

  • Cleanliness 

It is one of the most important conditions for 5 star reviews. The place must be as tidy and neat looking, as it was demonstrated in photos. 

  • Staying in touch 

During guests' living, the host should still keep quickly responding to guests' requests and be available 24/7 in touch. Of course, the active communication time should be discussed beforehand. Such availability is necessary for immediate solving of emerging problems. 

  • Price-quality relation 

Prices must reflect the quality. Each guest waits for such an attitude and doesn't intend to overpay. As a host, you should form an optimal stay payment, including all advantages, services, location and conditions for your property. 

Use reviews to improve property conditions. Negative reviews can help to find what you have overlooked. And your constructive reaction can show that you are serious about the guests' comfort and appreciate their opinion.

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