Guests with pets. Hosting specificity

If you're one of those owners, who's able to host people with their four-legged friends, you should organize a well-provided place for pets.

Pet-friendly space 

Firstly take care of supplying your kitchen with such essential amenities as bowls for food and water. Find a comfortable corner for their placement (easy cleanable, far from dinner and cooking table). 

Provide your hallway with a special cover, carpet or doormat. Purchase extra cleaning supplies and a pet bath carpet, add towels and other bath accessories for bathing animals at home. 

Also think about spending time outdoors. Fenced-in yard, walking areas or a private patio are quite important amenities for pet lovers. 

Pet fees, documents and listing details 

Include in host's rules special tips for pet owners. Mention the quantity and types of pets allowed to stay at your place. Write a list of documents (pet passports, vaccination certificates) and main rules of sanitary maintenance (for example, guests must bring their own things for the pet toilet). Also remember about packs of poop bags and writing walking rules. 

Taking care of unforeseen expenses from pet lovers, you can add pet and cleaning fees to the stay price. These measures help in the case of property damage or other force majeure circumstances. 

All essential pet-information should be placed on the site, so that guests could read all the terms and conditions of living with pets, before booking a place. 

Extra stuff for pets and their owners 

Think about such additional benefits as pet-guidelines (phone numbers and addresses of veterinary, special shops, pet services as grooming, etc.) and discount cards for pet owners. 

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