How to simplify guests' meetings. Tips for owners.

The regular hosting needs its optimization and specific order to minimize efforts and costs, meeting guests. Follow the tips below to make this process easier. 

  • Self check-in 

Many guests like this option and ask hosts to organize self check-in. Provide guests with instructions for accessing your place, equipping front doors with a smart lock. Such a keyless entry system lets guests enter a home with a unique code that can be changed remotely after each guests' living.

  • Enlististing help 

You can delegate some jobs to your friends or relatives, making them co-hosts. Sometimes even friendly neighbours offer their help. When you are far away from your home, you can ask your people to help with guests' meetings. 

  • Providing guides and other information 

Create local guides and clear instructions for your arriving guests. It can be different local useful maps, lists of important shops and organizations, necessary contacts and addresses. Also create emergency information for unexpected circumstances. 

  •  Plans and calendar tracks

All repeated host's tasks and meetings' routine can be tracked and planned. For example, check-in needs an hour, the first communication with guests takes an hour and a half, etc. So you can plan the meeting day easily, knowing each step ahead.

  • Regular cleanliness 

To maintain the perfect cleanliness after each guest arrival, use the cleaning services. It needs extra financial resources, but you can include the cleaning fee in the stay payment. 

  • Remote availability 

As a rental owner, you should stay in touch with your guests all the time. It can be uneasy to communicate in 24/7 mode with people, so better discuss the communication hours with guests beforehand. Indicate your off-hours and active hours for communication. Discuss the emergency cases also. 

  • Greeting card 

Leave your greeting card, especially in case of guests' self check-in. Welcome them, point out the most important info and contact details for communication. You can also leave a welcome gift for the arriving people.

These easy steps will help you to meet guests with comfort. 

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