Map of local attractions

After all, it is you who can take a unique opportunity to take care of your guests and help them to have a good rest and quickly get acquainted with the recommendations. Provide them with a map showing all the useful and interesting places in your area, and maybe the whole island. Drawing up the map of places around your villa, we recommend that you consider the following points: restaurants and cozy cafes in your area, fruit markets, authentic spa, grocery stores, pharmacies and the shortest way to the beach.We also advise you to draw the attention of your guests to the sights not to miss anything interesting, and if their time won’t be enough to visit all the places, they certainly want to come again.

Here are the main tourist places to be visited on Bali island:

1. Batur Vulcano - for those who enjoy walks in nature Balinese nature gives a unique opportunity to see the sleeping Batur volcano. In the huge hollow (over 14 km) of the old volcano, there’s another smaller volcano. Do not worry - the last time the volcano erupted in 1947. In addition to the majestic heights, in one of the craters there’s a lake Batur, about which there are lots of national legends - myths say that it is guarded by river goddesses.

2. Tanah Lot - rock temple

One of the main temples in Bali. According to legend, in the XV century a wandering monk came to the coast, sat on a cliff and began to meditate and pray to the sea gods. Soon he had followers who built a beautiful temple around him. In order to protect himself from envious and ill-wishers, the monk pushed the rock deeper into the ocean by the power of thought, which finally strengthened the local faith in the sea gods. It is not known how true this is, but it’s indisputable that such a magnificent view opens from a cliff!

3. Git-Git Waterfall - one of the most beautiful tropical waterfalls in the whole world. This ull-flowing waterfall is the highest (over 40 meters) in the island, located 10 kilometers from Singaraja - a town in the north of the island. Near the waterfall there are many platforms from which you can enjoy a great view. Also, if you dare to overcome the 340 stairs, you can go down to the waterfall, and even swim in it.

4. Monkey Forest - for those who love animals

The real city of monkeys! Monkeys have long been accustomed to tourists and are not at all embarrassed about them; they play, swim, communicate with each other and sleep right on the walls of a nearby temple. Be careful - monkeys can pull off shiny objects or things that are easy to pull out of your pocket. The forest is located near Ubud. In the depths of the monkey forest is an ancient temple, as well as a venue for Hindu ceremonies. You will not be allowed inside the temple, but in the forest itself you will see many arbors, statues and winding paths for walking.

5. Tirtagangga Water Palace

Tirtagangga Water Palace (Taman Tirta Gangga) is an architectural complex built in Bali by the last king of Karangasem County. It is located in the eastern part of the island. Raja was very fond of beautiful places, and for the palace he chose one of the most picturesque places in the depths of the island, where pure springs beat from the ground. The entire architectural structure includes three large lakes, several swimming pools and dozens of different sculptures. Water in these places is sacred and used by local residents in various religious rites and ceremonies.

6. Pura Besakih - temple complex to spend all day

The temple complex consists of 22 separate temples. According to legend, Besakih was built by the forces of all the Balinese kingdoms that lived on the island in the XI century. That is why there are so many different buildings. All belonged to different clans, villages or kingdoms. Each temple worship to different by gods and used by the inhabitants of a particular region of Bali. Climbing up the stairs to the main gate of the temple in clear weather, you can observe the temple at the foot of a large-scale volcano, and from the back there is a panorama of a valley with rice fields, villages and even the ocean on the horizon.

7. Gunung Kawi - tomb of king surrounded by nature

According to legend, the tombs of Gunung Kawi were built in 1080. King Anak Wungsu and his family are buried here. To get to the tombs, you must overcome more than 300 steps. The road passes between rice fields, palm trees and water sources, through a mountain stream, a tropical jungle with hanging vines. The complex consists of 5 small tombs. On the one side of the river are the tombs of the king himself, and on the opposite bank - the queen and his concubines. A little nearby are cells, which served as sleeping places for monks and pilgrims. Gunung Kawi is believed to be the oldest Hindu temple in Bali.

8. Tirta Empul - ablution temple

Tirta Empul Temple or Sacred Water Temple is one of the most revered temples in Bali. It arose on the site of sacred springs, the healing properties of which were discovered back in 962. The temple consists of a number of courtyards with pools. In the temple are making rituals of ablution - spiritual and bodily cleansing and blessing. Each spring in the pools has its own strength and name. From one spring flows water,casting out demons, the other heals from poisoning, the evil eye and various diseases. There is a spring that helps childless couples to get pregnant, and another is responsible for health, wealth and prosperity. In addition to these places, there are other waterfalls and temples, but it is these that reflect the fullness of the island in cultural and natural aspects.

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