The payment process to property owners

All our payments to hosts are made strictly in time and in the most convenient way for our owners. 

Owner's personal account

Our clients have personal accounts where they can see all bookings and financial transactions daily in real time mode and comfortably check all other management information. 

The accounting department forms a detailed financial report by the 15th of each month (based on the results of the past month). Within five days after that (from 15th to 20th), all necessary payments are transferred to clients. 

Payments' transfers to hosts  

Making payments, bookings are counted in the report by the check-out date. For example, all bookings with a departure date in June are paid after July 15. And all these financial movements are shown on the Finance tab in the owner's personal account.

All payments can be sent from the account and to the account of both on a basis convenient for the recipient. 

We can make our payments with the help of:

  • Internal transfer to an Indonesian IDR account
  • International transfer via WISE in any currency
  • Transfer to a cryptocurrency account

Maintaining modern technologies

Many owners prefer transfers in cryptocurrency and we welcome and support modern trends. To work with cryptocurrency owners can use any crypto wallets, hot or cold ones. 

Usually for transfers the USDT is used and we can transfer payments to any wallet, using the wallet number and the name of the network where it is registered. 

Money conversion 

Any transfers are possible in different systems to different countries at the current exchange rate on the day of the publicly available conversion. The bank's rate can be slightly different from the rate of a particular bank. We can focus on a specific bank chosen by owners and work with it.


If there's still any question, please, visit the FAQ Page and our professional blog or simply contact us! We are always ready to help you with all property management and marketing strategy or deal with any rental business questions. 


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