Preparing property for emergency cases

Organizing a place for future guests, it's always important to remember about the essential safety principles. To make a property the safe stronghold follow these tips below. 


  • Safety devices

Install several smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every level of space and outside of every sleeping area and set fire extinguishers in the kitchen and other rooms. Put bright stickers on doors and cabinets to find easily where they are located. 

Every owner should also thoroughly study the signs of CO poisoning and what to do if something happens and write a house manual for guests. 


  • Maintenance schedule 

Installing different alarms, review instructions and especially the manufacturer's recommendations on dates, when they should be replaced. Sometimes expiration dates are placed on alarms' stamps or tags. Create a schedule for controlling these dates, following it strictly. 


  • Emergency supplies and kits

Provide special equipment and all essentials such as water, non-perishable food, flashlight and other things for emergency situations (for example, life jackets for flood zones) and different kinds of aid kits (survival kit, first aid kit, etc.). 


  • Using modern technologies 

Purchase good quality home appliances of modern models, which stop working if they tipped over (heater as example) or if no action is taken for a couple of minutes (useful option for irons, for instance). 


  • Available information and useful gadgets 

Create evacuation plans, emergency guides and safety checklists for guests. The main principle for it is the clearly step-by-step outlined information, written easily to understand. 

Also we recommend using modern info resources such as apps and different software, that can inform in the 24/7 mode about coming emergency situations such as natural disasters. 


  • Cleanliness 

Just keep clean and tidy areas and spaces, which could catch fire and regularly remove anything nearby. 

Add to the property description that you’ve taken all steps to protect guests' safety. 

You can also study emergency rules and regulations specific to your regions. 


If you still feel a lack of information about rental business management, visit our professional blog. And if you don't have enough time for it, but need some help, contact us! We're always ready to help you with all property management processes. 


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