Recommendations for communication with international guests

To smoothly overcome some emerging issues and make the communication with international guests pleasant and welcoming, we prepared for you several simple recommendations below. 

  • Humanity's qualities

Of course, there exist a lot of ways to work around language difficulties, but the most natural and simple one is presenting kindness, temperance and warmth. Be open-minded and welcoming. Smile and present the eagerness to understand them with your friendly tone of voice. 

  • Asking for help

If your knowledge of foreign language is really at the zero level, just ask for help! It can be a friend or relative with a strong base of language or a hired professional specialist, who works as an interpreter to meet arriving people and provide them with the main information. 

  • Body language 

The most natural helper for all times is our body language. Gestures, facial expressions, benevolent looks and amiable intonation can be just as eloquent as language knowledge. 

  • Linguistic and graphics life hacks

Use the most simple language constructions. The easiest way to express your thoughts in foreign language is the scheme: noun-verb-object. 

Also you can easily and quickly draw your thoughts as children do. 

  • Using technologies

The most effective method to understand each other, not using foreign language, is using modern gadgets and apps. 


There are plenty of translators to download on your smartphone, which transform all information in different languages at once. You can speak to the app and it will translate your audio into guests' native language or you can write it and texts will be translated. And even load a photo or document in the app and it recognizes and translates text immediately there. 

  • Key info in native language 

To minimize effort and maximize enjoyment from communication with your international visitors, it's better to care about language points in advance. For example, provide the key information in guests' native language, ordering the necessary documents' translations before the arrival. It will be comfortable for both sides to have the main information in a clear language. 

And don't forget to read some info about the country of your guests, their meeting traditions and cultural aspects. 

If you search for more information about the host's preparations, read our professional blog. And if you need any help with the property management processes, contact us! We are always ready to help you with all property business questions. 


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