Spirituality in Bali

Traditional Kecak dance

Kecak - is a special meditation dance performed by local men.

During meditation, men go into a trance. Instead of music, they create their own dance pace - loud shouting like monkeys - "Chak-chak-kechak-chak". Thus, the classic struggle between good and evil takes place. Balinese have long considered this process to be especially important. After all, good should prevail in their land.

If you want to watch this spectacular dance, the best place - is Uluwatu Temple, in the South of the island. 

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud

The Monkey Forest is the second thing that comes to mind, when we hear the word - Ubud. After all, the first is, of course, yoga, esotericism and spiritual fulfillment. Few people know, that the Sacred Forest of Monkeys - is the personification of the Hindu teaching - "Three Hita Karana". Balinese follow the law of three paths to physical and spiritual well-being. The secret - is that in order to achieve well-being, a person must be in harmony with nature, Gods and people. This is the task performed by the inhabitants of the Sacred Forest. Also, this place is considered a research center for local educational institutions. Park workers study the behavior of monkeys among themselves and with people. Be vigilant when visiting monkeys - they love to steal everything you hold in your hands. And then, they will still think about whether to exchange your item for bananas. 

"Eat, Pray, Love"

Every village on the island has a traditional healer - Balian. The well-known film "Eat, Pray, Love", which aroused an increased interest in the spiritual culture of Bali, was a film adaptation of a book by an american writer - Elizabeth Gilbert. At the heart of her book - is the story of a real Balinese healer - Ketut Liyer. According to Elizabeth, this man truly changed her life. After his death, volcanic tremors occurred on the island. This suggests that the earth said to the famous Balian - "Goodbye." The film adaptation of the book attracted many guests of the island to get acquainted with yoga and meditation. If you are close to this lifestyle, do not hesitate to go to Ubud. There, you will plunge into the atmosphere of harmony and peace, as well as feel the local smell of aromatic incense, which is customary to light in every home.


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