Tips for creating profitable property description

One of the main tools to attract the right guests to your space, creating posts for social media or advertising, is a smartly created property description. 

To capture all unique features and to set the right expectations upfront, follow our simple tips below and showcase your property like a pro.

  • Study your audience

To create a smart and clear description, owners should start from the audience analysis. Decide for whom your property is intended and use the right appealing words to attract attention to the potential guests. 

  • Attention-grabby title 

The title is the first beacon your potential guests can notice. That's why it must be appealing and depict the key advantage of your property. Think thoroughly and try to mirror your authentic property style in the title. 

  • Storytelling style

Tell the story, adding the soulness to the place. Write a description in a storytelling style to evoke emotions so guests could envision themselves at your place and feel excited about the prospect of staying there. Don't forget it must be brief not to weary readers. 

  • Grammatical correctness

Your text is your face. It must be accurate and correct. Before publication, it is always crucial to review and take the time to check your description. Spelling and grammar 

  • Reflect uniqueness 

Focus on the unique features of your property. For example, the breathtaking views or an amazing backyard for family and friends time spent. Highlight the selling points, simply setting your property apart from competitors. 

  • Stay honest and spin negative as advantage 

All people appreciate the transparency in the relationships, especially choosing a place for vacation and rest. The key to success here is to present the negative in the positive perspective. As an example, the loud street can be described as the nightlife center with the best 24/7 activities, targeting the big friends' companies. 

  • Quality photos 

Good photos are the key. Invest in good lighting and capture high-quality photos of each room and its unique features. Don't forget about outdoor areas. 

  • Effective call to action

Conclude your property description with a compelling call to action that encourages potential buyers to take immediate action. It must be succinct but impactful, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Following these tips, you’ll give your space the attention it deserves and receive many bookings. 

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