Why do you need a managing company?

As a villa owner, you may be juggling various responsibilities associated with managing your property. The idea of enlisting the help of property managers may seem unnecessary, but it can ultimately streamline your business and allow you to focus on growing your income.

Let’s explore the main benefits of partnering with a property management company to ideally handle key aspects of your villa management.

Detailed Business Review

A property management team can conduct a comprehensive review of your villa, identifying key drivers and potential areas for improvement, leading to a more efficient and profitable operation.

Work With Booking Systems & Agents

By partnering with a property management company, you can ensure that your villa is properly registered in all relevant booking systems, OTA, and travel agencies, saving you valuable time and effort. Also actively applying a well-developed CRM system, direct marketing campaigns, and business intelligence to access and analyze guests’ data, management teams often can reduce 10-15% on OTA fee costs and increase owners’ profit.

Quick & Expertise Property Management Start

Professional staff can assist in making several first bookings quickly, establish initial reviews for your villa due to management experts having extensive experience of current property trends: from new design hits to all the latest interior and exterior trends. Managers know well how to attract even the most demanding guests.

Hiring, Training & Supervising Staff

A property management company handles tasks related to hiring, training, and supervising staff, providing relief from these detailed responsibilities for rental property owners. In addition, by entrusting the hiring, training and supervision of your staff to a property management team, you can ensure that your employees are equipped to provide excellent service to your guests. This professional oversight allows you to focus on growing your business and improving the guest experience at your rental properties.

Permanent Property Maintenance

The management company provides scheduled ongoing property maintenance of the material and technical condition at a high level, as well as all cleaning and repair (if necessary) processes of the real estate objects.

Rental Marketing Strategy

In addition to providing quality management services, the management team can offer you professional property marketing assistance, including building the individual marketing strategy for your object and its promotion.

Forming Smart Pricing System

A property management company efficiently monitors and adjusts prices across multiple platforms, saving you valuable time and ensuring optimal pricing for your villa. For example, to maximize owners’ income our Farsight team uses advanced technology (such as AI and neural net implementation) to provide the best analysis and pricing strategy.

Coordinating Sale Process & Legal Responsibilities

Entrusting the sales process and legal issues to property managers allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant process. Working with professional specialists, you are never alone: all legal issues are handled by the company's lawyer, who knows exactly how to resolve any property issue.

Tax and Paperwork Handling

With the help of a property management company, you can ensure that your villa remains tax compliant after various payments and paperwork, freeing you from complex, time-consuming tasks.

Dealing With Tenants

One of the most important responsibilities of the professional approach to rental management is to develop a quality communication strategy with guests. Not all owners know exactly how to deal with people. The professionally trained staff, using a property management communicative skill, always knows how to talk to potential guests in an appealing way.

Ratings & Reviews

A property company often has a dedicated department that organically manages the reputation, ratings and positive objects’ reviews, preventing the negative ones. Higher ratings increase the property's visibility in the systems and have a greater impact on booking decisions, leading to increased revenue.

So if you want things to run smoothly, we are here to help. Grow your business quickly and think globally. Contact us and we guarantee exceptional service.

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