World has changed: people are moving

Forced confinement in our own homes in the early months of the pandemic was not only a great stress for many of us, but also an impetus for changes in our lives. Am I satisfied with my profession? Am I attentive enough to my loved ones? Am I moving towards my own dreams? Am I where I want to be? And each of us came to personal conclusions that will determine our life for the coming years. Once locked up, we realized that the freedom that was routine for us before the pandemic, has now become a luxury, a priceless treasure that we did not value until we lost it. Again, everyone understood what the concept of freedom meant to him. And each of us knew exactly where he would go when the isolation ended. For some, it was a favorite restaurant on the main street, but for others, the goal was to move to another country.

Despite the fact that the consequences and circumstances of the pandemic will accompany us for a long time, the general situation is improving: restrictions are being removed, and the borders between countries are again opening up for visits by foreign guests. However, social distancing and reducing social contact, as well as precautions such as masks, gloves and sanitizers, are still part of our daily routine. Nevertheless, right now, when people want freedom, positive change and fulfilled desires, the rental housing market can reach unprecedented heights if it shows a sufficient level of flexibility.

We are still concerned about the next question: will there be a second wave of the pandemic? And even if we defeat the virus, what guarantees are there that we will not face other similar shocks? This made people rush to meet their needs and fulfill their dreams, for example, the opportunity to move temporarily or permanently to another country. And many people choose Indonesia, especially Bali, as a symbol of heavenly life without interrupting civilization. For several years now, Bali has held its position as a popular destination not only for recreation, but also for the migration of those who can work remotely (programmers, translators, teachers). Since the pandemic has shown us that most of us can work effectively online, there are now even more potential immigrants, which means there are more potential tenants for rental villas owners.

If you own a villa or apartment, now you should be especially attentive to the needs of your clients: the world has changed, our requirements for it have changed too. Our home has ceased to be a place to rest - now it has become a universal place in which we need special zones in which we can easily focus, relax, have fun depending on our goals. Keep in mind that your guests may now need not only a place to stay, but also a work area, in which they can quickly switch to a working attitude and quickly get involved in work. As a property owner, you have to improve your home: allocate a separate room for online conferences / work calls / telework; equip the house with fast internet; renovate it, paying attention to the zoning of places depending on the pastime.Perhaps you should think about how to create a separate fund from which you can then invest in the improvement of rental housing, depending on the wishes of your guests. This idea perfectly reflects the concept of flexibility, which has become the motto of the present time.

In pursuit of the mood of the new time, do not forget about individuality and local flavor: along with technological innovations, do not let your guests that they are on an exotic island with a rich national culture: offer them contactless home delivery of local cuisine, fresh fruits, juices etc. Be in contact with your guests, become their remote guide and assistant in organizing life in an unfamiliar country.

Attention and quick response is the new courtesy of the new world of online interactions. It is in your hands to organize not only a stable influx of guests in times of crisis, but also provide them with the opportunity to stay with you longer. And if you need help and an ally, you will not find a better option than Farsight Management, who are always on guard for new trends and national traditions, ready to help you find your own harmony in time, which is full of not only worries, but great opportunities.

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