Most exotic beachfront Villa Keong – a Sumatran style roof Beachfront Dream

Land title: Option  30 Years Leasehold with guaranteed extensions
Land size: 34 are with more Land available on demand
Licenses: IMB, Pondok Wisata
Year build: 2016-2019
Certificate: IMB
Living Space: 120m2
Style: Modern, Sumatran style roof, build from recycled iron wood  /many part from antik houses from islans of Indonesia

Beachfront Villa

2 bedrooms with attached walk in wardrobes, 2 en-suite bathrooms +  one with a copper bathtub

Reasons for selling: private, owner moves to another country
Price: For 30 years 300 000 USD + 6% (with the ability to give a commission of 8%)

Special condition: This villa is part of Boutique villas complex which consist of three villas - Villa A, Villa B, Villa C. In case of buying all three units discount is possible.

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