Hello! My name is Felix, I am an entrepreneur

I own 3 hotels (Bubble Hotel) and I used to be personally engaged in their full management. At that time, I had little experience and I had to study everything on my own, which influenced the speed of business development and the result. Of course there were some difficulties and this work took much time. Therefore, I decided to find a company that could solve current problems.

My friends recommended me to contact Farsight Management, as they had already worked with them and they had a good result. First, I transfered one hotel (Bubble Hotel Ubud) into their management. Initially, the occupancy of this property was 63%. After a year of working with Farsight Management, the occupancy of this property grew to 84%. They undertook the marketing management of the hotel and thereby relieved me of many time-consuming tasks. 

After successful work during a year, I decided to transfer two more hotels into the management, as they also took my time, which I needed for myself, my family and other projects. And I understood that with Farsight Management, these hotels would make more profit under their management with less effort.

I thank Farsight Management for their excellent work, high-quality service and quick and efficient resolution of any arising issues. I recommend Farsight Management to all real estate owners who want to save their time and get more income.