I had a villa, which I marketed myself and I dealt with all current management issues on my own. Apparently, such involvement in the process took a lot of precious time, which I had so little.

Two months later, I realized that I needed to delegate the marketing and management of the villa, otherwise I wouldn’t have enough time for other projects. Therefore, I began to look for reliable partners with whom I could collaborate for a long time.

After analyzing the market, I began cooperation with Farsight Management, as they have excellent reputation, high-quality service and a professional team.

One property has been in the management of Farsight Management for 1.5 years. During this time, revenue grew by 21%, I had more free time and I started to get pleasure from renting my property. Then I sold this property, and the new owner continued to work with Farsight Management. Then I bought two more villas and of course I decided to transfer these properties to Farsight Management. We are just starting to work with the new properties.

I thank the Farsight Management team for their professional approach to work. The managers of the company are always in touch with me and with the property tenants, which is very important in this business. All issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

I recommend cooperation with Farsight Management to all villa owners who do not want to spend their time managing real estate, but at the same time want to earn more from each property.