• Professional Condo Rental Management

    Professional Condo Rental Management

    Our team has vast experience and deep expertise in all services that owners need running the condo rental business. We know how to ensure the smooth operation of rental properties and enhance the owner’s profits.

  • Expertise In Local Market Trends And Current Prices

    Expertise In Local Market Trends And Current Prices

    Our condo rental management company has experience in setting rent prices that are profitable for property owners, yet fair to tenants.

  • Direct Bookings

    Direct Bookings

    We actively apply a well-developed CRM system, Direct Marketing Campaigns, and Business Intelligence to access and analyze guests’ data. We reduce 10-15% on OTA fee costs and increase profit.

  • Legal Knowledge And Advanced Support

    Legal Knowledge And Advanced Support

    Building your business with the assistance of the Farsight team means you are never alone: the legal knowledge and expertise of our condo managers allows you to handle any problems promptly, without stress, receiving income timely and consistently.

Our Full Management includes:

  • Hire, Train & Supervise staff
  • Implement & Monitor the Highest Hospitality Quality Standards
  • Maintain the Technical Condition of Your Property
  • Prepare Tax Reports and Other Condominium Management Paperwork
  • Dashboard & Real-Time Financial Report
  • Develop & Apply Marketing Strategy
  • Prevent Negative Reviews organically

Our condominium management company hires, trains, and monitors all work of the staff, introduces hospitality quality standards of the guests relations and services at the condominium property controlling their implementation.

The Farsight team also maintains the materials and technical condition of the property at a high level. It increases excellence & profit.

Providing condominium management we take over all financial and routine. That means no more headaches about the tax reports and real estate paperwork.

Personal Account For Condo Management

All our clients got private full access to all condo rental management information. As an owner you will have an individual dashboard of your condo property, where you can see all information concerning the current bookings, its revenue, and forecast earnings of future bookings.

Being remote from your property wherever you wish, in your online condo management account you will always be able to control payouts and detailed financial reports for each booking in real-time and complete information on expenditures during the month.

Smart Tariff Plans And Other Advantages

We apply innovative pricing policy, creating and maintaining a property daily projected tariff plans, operating simultaneously through all channels. Rendering condo management services we use Big Data analysis and make a more accurate prediction of daily rates. It increases profits by 12-18%.

Our complete condo management tariff plan also includes building an individual marketing strategy. This means an entire online presence: from handling social media and using different PR tools to boost the awareness of your property to connecting your property with 1000+ travel agents, 50+ online booking systems, and many other Bali and global condominium property management companies.

The marketing services mean the work with reputation as well. The designated department deals with ratings and reviews. Higher rates will increase your property visibility in the systems and stronger influence on booking decisions, which will lead to an 11% increase in revenues. Our condo property management team has a great experience in organical preventing negative reviews.

Three simple steps

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  • Get more guests and earn more with pleasure
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