• Large Market Coverage

    Large Market Coverage

    We connect the property with 1000+ travel agents, 50+ online booking systems, and many Bali and global property management companies. It lets us keep rates on average 15% higher and increase profit.

  • Property cleaning and maintenance care

    Property cleaning and maintenance care

    Our company strictly controls all sanitary code and provides thorough cleaning. While managing we regularly monitor the conditions of all our real estate objects. That's why owners always feel great care with our house keeping management team.

  • Direct Bookings

    Direct Bookings

    We actively apply a well-developed CRM system, Direct Marketing Campaigns, and Business Intelligence to access and analyze guests’ data. We reduce 10-15% on OTA fee costs and increase profit.

  • Smart Tariff Plans

    Smart Tariff Plans

    Rendering property management and housekeeping services we apply innovative pricing policy, creating and maintaining a property daily projected tariff plans, operating simultaneously through all channels. We use Big Data analysis and make a more accurate prediction of daily rates. It increases profits by 12-18%.

Our Management Services Include:

  • Hire, Train & Supervise staff
  • Implement The Highest Hospitality Quality Standards
  • Maintain the Property Condition
  • Provide Property Cleaning Services
  • Prepare Tax Reports & Other Paperwork
  • Dashboard & Real-Time Financial Report
  • Develop Marketing Strategy
  • Prevent Negative Reviews organically

Our management and housekeeping company hires, trains and monitors the staff work, introduces high quality standards of the guests relations and services and controls their implementation. 

During rendering our property services our expert staff and house keeping managers monitor all cleaning prior guests, daily cleaning during real estate objects occupied, general cleaning just after guests and deep cleaning and marble surfaces cleaning every 3 months.
Besides providing scheduled property cleaning and maintenance of the materials and technical condition at a high level, we work not only with ready for guests properties, but also perform advanced assistance with choosing the object or building it from scratch.

In addition to perfect housekeeping and managment work, building your business with the Farsight team means you are never alone: our legal knowledge and expertise allow us to handle any real estate problems promptly, without stress, and receive income timely and consistently.

Three simple steps

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  • Get more guests and earn more with pleasure
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