• Experience And Modern Approach

    Experience And Modern Approach

    We care for our clients, managing properties with vast rental experience for more than 13 years. Our innovative and modern approach in villa property management allows our clients to get the best results from the rental business with great comfort.

  • Online And Offline Partnership

    Online And Offline Partnership

    We render our services for clients both: online and offline. A great number of our hosts live far away from their rental properties and successfully run their rental businesses.

  • Transparent Financial System

    Transparent Financial System

    Our payment system shows the full financial picture to the rental owners.Our hosts can see all crucial information about the money movement concerning their properties in their personal account.

  • Smart Tariff Plans

    Smart Tariff Plans

    We apply innovative pricing policy, creating and maintaining a property daily projected tariff plans, operating simultaneously through all channels. We use Big Data analysis and make a more accurate prediction of daily rates. It increases profits by 12-18%.

Full villa management in Bali includes:

  • Hire, Train & Supervise staff
  • Implement & Monitor the Highest Hospitality Quality Standards
  • Maintain the Technical Condition of Your Property
  • Prepare Tax Reports and Other Real Estate Paperwork
  • Dashboard & Real-Time Financial Report
  • Develop & Apply Marketing Strategy
  • Prevent Negative Reviews organically

Providing the quality villa management  services we fully assume to hire, train, and monitor the staff work. We learn to introduce hospitality quality standards of the guests relations and services at the villa and control their implementation.

During our villa management we also maintain the materials and technical condition of the property at a high level. It increases excellence & profit.

No more headaches about the tax reports. We prepare them and other real estate paperwork.

Options for working with our villa property management in Bali

We work not only with ready for guests properties, but also perform advanced assistance with choosing the object to purchase according to your request and budget or building it from scratch with further villa management.

During the existence of Farsight Management, we have independently built 7 properties. Our villa managers' team have controlled all the process from site selection, engineering and geological surveys, design project, and construction to further renting out the property and receiving income.

Our Bali villa management company will gladly build any real estate for you and render any of the possible rental home management services. We will select the land for you, develop a design project, coordinate all the documents, build it, take it into management, attract guests, and bring rental income from this property.

Rendering the service of villa management we can build a property for your personal use as well.

A personal account for rental owners with all crucial villa manager's information

Working with us every host gets personal logins to a dashboard of their property with full access to all important information concerning the current bookings, its revenue and forecast earnings of future bookings as a professional villa manager.

It also includes payouts and detailed financial reports for each booking in real-time and complete information on expenditures during the month.

Providing the villa property management in Bali we created smart tariff plans and aim for 40% of direct bookings. By actively applying a well-developed CRM system, Direct Marketing Campaigns, and Business Intelligence, we access and analyze guests' data. We reduce 10-15% on OTA fee costs and increase your profit. All villa management fees can be observed in the host's personal account.

All you need to start your rental business:

  • Answer the simple questions below and get a calculation of your property’s profitability
  • Talk to our Manager to clarify the details of cooperation and our rental management services and sig
  • Get more guests and earn more with pleasure and comfort!
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