Fancy villas. Part 2

In this article we'd like to show you the piece of uniqueness — Villa The Cloud. Let's view this great architecture decision and think what useful ideas we can take from it for organizing and managing property. 

this beautiful peaceful location has the pool and near the villa there's a black sand beach — the real gem of nature. 

Boutique Hotel Sensation Bali, Villa The Cloud 

This artistic architecture masterpiece really looks like a white floating cloud. The villa consists of 5 cloudy shapes, creating  the space for 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining area — the complete luxury place for guests to make themselves at home.

The villa contains many interior peculiarities such as a lounge zone with the old teak wood chairs, a five-meter ceiling height with floating lights of hundreds of petals, art onyx objects, bedsides from petrified wood and others. 

But the cool design — isn't enough when we talk about rental business. Our team was impressed with this beautiful place. Having estimated all property's advantages, our managers offered the owner to implement a luxury level here and helped to organize the special service for it. 

The service includes the full housekeeping and even the butler and concierge manager. Also there's a restaurant and the special spa menu created in a refined concept boutique hotel Sensation.

What to take note of this

Preparing your property and wishing to create a special design, you can focus on some futuristic exterior as the Cloud's Villa's owner did.

To deepen the airy atmosphere and widen rooms' space optically choose the shades of white color.

If the height of the ceilings allows, decorate them with transparent glassy details and chandeliers. 

Add some natural materials to your space as wooden furniture to bring the ecological accent and emphasize the personal style of your place. 

These simple tips can add to your villa the sense of uniqueness and identity. 

Also, if you have any special exterior idea for your place, don't be afraid to reveal yourself as an artist and try to implement your original architectural style in your property. 


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