First guests? Create an unforgettable and bright welcome experience!

The guest arrival is always a mission, especially when it is the arrival of your first guests and you didn't have any experience at all.
Don't worry, follow our recommendations and make your meeting experience real entertainment for yourself and your guests. 

1. Supporting ongoing communication 

While your guests are on the way to your home, provide them with your caring communication. It's important to understand that the welcome process begins from the booking confirmation. And from that moment you are the host for those people and they become your guests. 

Organize the early conversations and supportive messages, trying to show how you can care about your people. To set good guest expectations you should also get used to reply quickly to guests' questions and messages, calls. It's a great opportunity to make a special impression as an attentive host. 

2. Projecting the host soft skills

Hospitality also needs the special soft skills. The more host-skilled you are, the more your guests will feel calm and comfortable communicating with you.

To express your host soft skills be honest, courteous and polite. If there are any problems, talk about it. If you have any questions — ask them carefully. People like to be asked, be heard and to tell about themselves. There’s no need to be meddlesome, just stay moderately curious. 

3. Applying the foresight 

Think ahead and plan what you can do in advance. For example, if you know that you'll explain the same information several times to different people, you can write, copy and send it every time you need it. Also you can prepare your own FAQs and rules in written notes for your guests. 

Prepare for your people an info-place at home (it can be a whiteboard, any table or a shelf), where you can pin or arrange the Info for guests, the guidebook with the important addresses (such as hospitals, farmacy, post offices or the nearest shops and cafés), essential phone numbers (key people, such as the plumber, handyperson, internet support contact and neighbors), and other significant details of the guest materials as the different check-ins and Wi-Fi info. 

4. Cleanliness is godliness

The good host should always remember: the ideal place for the guests is always a clean and tidy place. Try to keep your house in order, because everyone expects to come and see the cleaned space without any garbage and rubbish. 

The frequent guests' pains are hair strays on the floor or on towels, kitchen crumbs under the furniture and bedroom dust. So be sure you pay close attention to these places. 

Also it is important  to remove unnecessary personal host things while preparing a guest place. Try to organize more free space for your guests by taking away your personal things such as family photos, souvenir stuff, clothes, etc. 

5. Health point

There are various people around us and sometimes some of them have different health features and need certain care. Before the meeting, inquire about the special health conditions such as the allergy. For example if guests have a pollen allergy, try to free your place from special smelling or blooming plants. If guests have an animal allergy, clean up properly your rooms from the previous pet loving guests. 

And if you are waiting for the people in advanced age, make sure you cover all slippery floor places with a thick comfy carpet and place all the necessary tools not very high. 

6. Supplying and preparing the essentials

The perfectly outfitted place is always a key to attracting guests. Make a check up with the list of essential amenities, including towels, brushes, linens, soap, toilet paper and so forth and think ahead about the washer or dryer, air conditioning or heating, considering the time of year. 

Be always very responsive to your guest needs and requests, demonstrating  kid- and pet-friendly features.

7. Getting guest feedback 

It does not matter how skilled the host you are, you'll always be in need of good reviews from your guests. The guest feedback is the most trustworthy fulcrum for you as a perfect host and for your guests as those who choose your place among the other thousands in the real estate market. So try to prove yourself in the best host way and then ask your guests to write reviews and rate your place for the future ranking impact on search results. 


More helpful advice about adding coziness to your place for the guests you can find here.

And if you don’t want to spend much time on the hospitality organization, please, contact us! We can entirely assume the full management process, interacting with your guests and doing all host preparations for you while you still can do your work and spend less time and effort on this process.


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