Overcome challenge: to learn how to communicate correctly with guests, to create a well-organized marketing strategy for perfecting the property performance and to make low season profitable.


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    $122 600
    $89 500
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Success story


Ten years ago my wife and I purchased a villa for ourselves in Ubud. We were so pleased with our property and dreamed of living there all the time, planning to move over time. But then my wife got the deserved promotion in another island's region and the road to villa began to take more than a couple of hours. We understood that it became uncomfortable to visit our property often, but didn't want to sell it. That's how we came to the idea of renting our lovely house, when we weren't able to enjoy it ourselves.

Next summer after our decision we began to run the rental business. It wasn't as difficult as we thought, but there weren't many bookings whatever we tried to make up, especially in the middle seasons of the year. Our experience wasn't enough for great success. And we understood that we need to find a management company for help. That's how we started our partnership with Farsight Management company. 


Farsight Solution

The devotion of Farsight managers and their professional service quality really impress. We feel great support and that we always can rely on professionals.  

The managers don't get annoyed with us even after thousands of our questions and answer patiently every time we ask them something. They really teach owners how to properly manage all this business and how to communicate with guests correctly. We're not alone with our rental business emerging issues. 

The Farsight guys provided us with a professional photographer and we took amazing photos of our property. 

The team also created an individual marketing strategy for Ubud's villa based on regional peculiarities and calendar events to higher the occupancy level and also analyzed the low season results that we presented. Based on that info, they made their ideas for special low seasonal booking performance. 


Before the beginning of our partnership we thought that our villa was just one of the hundred other mediocre places for vacation rent and nothing special was about it. And it became a great surprise, when we, working with the managers' team, suddenly began to get stable bookings. We could hardly believe the financial reports we saw in our host's account for the first months of co-managing our villa with Farsight company. 

Now our property is connected with more than hundreds travel agents and online booking systems. And also we are free from such routine as tax reports' preparation and other real estate paperwork!

Herewith we are always able to have personal contact with our guests. It's important for us, because our philosophy is that the owners should communicate much with guests to make them feel like they know them well and return in future. 

The low season occupancy level reaches on average 75% now. That means the Farsight plan works perfectly. 

All our set goals are achieved for now and we are ready for reaching the new tops in rental business, keeping working together with the Farsight Management company and creating a new business plan for the near future. 


Sincerely, Mr & Mrs Smith

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